Artist Statement and Bio

     I am an oil painter whose palettes range from vibrant colors to soft harmonies. Impressionistic realism is my favorite style of painting, though I enjoy the rhythm and flow of impasto painting with palette knives and other tools.

     I was indirectly influenced to paint all my life. Hiking, skiing and flyfishing in beautiful country in and near the national parks inspired my love of nature and the outdoors. Many of my landscape paintings originated from those memorable scenes. Vacations in the Midwest with nieces and nephews provided me with captured moments of children at play and in thought that later became paintings. I was an art appreciator long before I began painting in earnest. Art museums are filled with inspiration and I admired the work of modern day artists I met along life’s path.

      I am moved by beautiful things. What others perceive as ordinary can be transformed in art by using a good composition, a harmonious palette, and eye-catching values (light/shadow). My art is never political, nor does it convey any deep symbolism. I seek only to please the viewer’s eye and create an enjoyable viewing experience.     

      I have been painting for 25 years.  My first mentor gave me a wonderful foundation in art during lengthy private study at her studio in Idaho. Her background in art was impressive and included the Scottsdale Artists School and years of study with the master Sergei Bongart. My floral paintings with red vases are a sentimental tip of the hat to her from our early sessions. After moving to the Midwest, I added to my training with classes at art museums and art guilds and took workshops with nationally known artists including Kevin MacPherson, Carolyn Anderson and William Herring.

         Places I have exhibited at include coffee houses, dinner theaters, art fairs, art guilds and galleries in several states.  I am currently a juried member of the Greater St. Louis Art Association, a member of Best of Missouri Hands, a former Arts Education (AIC) grant writer and an independent speaker.  I live in the Greater St. Louis area with my husband of many years and a very spoiled and playful cat named "Bugs".        


Pictures from Life

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